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The epidermis is the most sensitive, therefore treasured part of the human skin, it gives us a unique appearance that enhances our confidence, and thus, it needs to be pampered! We are delighted to unveil brand new unique luxury bath and body products. Welcome to Soapsation Bathique! Your number one premier luxury bath provider and excellent body products where the skin is held at high esteem and given the best treatment it deserve. With our focus on credibility, we are passionate about providing you with luxurious bath and exclusive body products that enable you give incredible treatment to your skin thus, enhancing your total beauty.

Our products are made with love from natural luxurious oils and butter that leaves the skin compelling beautiful and astonishing. Our knowledge of nature and love for flowers offers us the opportunity to, professionally choose scents that ensures the best smells for our products, which in turn leaves a long-lasting, stunning gorgeous smell on your skin We are envisioned toward providing fabulous bath and body products that nourishes the skin and leaves it glowing. This becomes apparent when you look at our professional background, we have proven that we are willing to go beyond and above the boundaries to help our clients maintain and nourish their skin. Why not indulge in treating yourself or your loved one in a handmade luxury bath and body product from Soapsation Bathtique.? We hope you enjoy our products and services as much as we look forward to enjoying offering them to you! SoapSation Bathique- Giving your skin the flawless look it deserves!